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The following series of videos were produced by Barbara Thompson for her newsletter that is published twice a month and delivered by email.  Barbara calls her newsletter "Life After Surgery News."  The newsletter includes many articles, success stories, and recipes which are valuable to both new patients, and patients who are many months and years after their surgery.

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Weight Loss Surgery: Goal Setting
Barbara discusses the importance of setting goals and
a realistic way of setting goals that are achievable.
Weight Loss Surgery: Taking Time for Yourself
Barbara discusses the importance of taking time to take
care of yourself and not to put yourself last.
Weight Loss Surgery: How Much Support Do You Have?
Barbara discusses how supportive your family is
or isn't and how to confront these issues.
Weight Loss Surgery: Starting an Exercise Program
Barbara discusses preparing for Spring and
easing into an exercise program.
Weight Loss Surgery: Treating Colds and Flu
Barbara discusses how to treat colds and flu after surgery; which medications are safe to take and which are not.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with Hunger
Barbara discusses hunger after surgery and how to curb it.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with the Holidays
Barbara discusses surviving the holidays without gaining weight, appreciating your success so far, and concentrating on the special things about holidays other than food.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with SAD
Barbara discusses how short days and the lack of
sunshine can cause us depression.
Weight Loss Surgery: Revision Surgery
Barbara discusses revision surgery options for those who
are regaining weight or have never reached goal weight.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with Families
Barbara discusses families and how they support us
and how they can sabotage our efforts.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with Change
Barbara discusses change and how it affects us. Even
though we change in a positive way following surgery.
Change can still be difficult and confusing. She urges
those having problems to seek counseling.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with
Nausea Following Surgery
Barbara Thompson discusses nausea following
surgery and offers tips for overcoming it.
Weight Loss Surgery: Never Being
Happy with Your Weight
Barbara explores how we are never happy with our
weight and how destructive that can be.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with Vacations
Barbara explores the difficulties that we face with eating when going on vacation. Solutions are presented on eating, where to stay, getting in exercise, and staying with family.
Weight Loss Surgery; Exercise and
Movement Can Be a Reality
Barbara Message from Sedona, AZ, Exercise and
movement are possible after losing huge amounts
of weight after weight loss surgery.
Weight Loss Surgery: Success and How We Define It
Barbara discusses how hard we are on ourselves. We
rarely appreciate our success and how far we have come.
Weight Loss Surgery: When it Doesn't Work
Barbara discusses that sometimes weight loss
surgery doesn't work and that we need to get help.
Weight Loss Surgery: Dealing with Weight Regain
Following weight loss surgery, many patients regain
weight. Barbara gives tips for getting back on track.
Weight Loss Surgery: Emotional Eating
Barbara discusses the roots of emotional
eating and how to overcome them.